Banda sonora para belas tardes cinzentas

Mac Demarco – This Old Dog   

"Sometimes my love may be put on hold
Sometimes my heart may seem awful cold
These times come and these times go
As long as I live, all you need to know is

This old dog ain't about to forget
All we've had
And all that's next
'Long as my heart's beating in my chest
This old dog ain't about to forget"

Flamingos – Souvenier

"Se a tua falta me escapar
deixaste no teu lugar
um souvenir para lembrar
que te hei-de visitar"

Beach House – She's So Lovely

"Castles in the sand
Money in your hand
And all I have to do
Is everything for you"

Velvet Underground – I’ll be your mirror

"I'll be your mirror
Reflect what you are, in case you don't know
I'll be the wind, the rain and the sunset
The light on your door to show that you're home"

Hope Sandoval And The Warm Inventions - Let Me Get There

"Did you feel only remembering his face, looking away?
Everybody here knows you're the fine one
Not all the things that you gain can be, can be possessed
This is the way you say we'll keep it in our best"

Devendra Banhart - Middle Names

"And I can see you now
Sitting there in front of the station
Feel the rain fall down again"

Rodrigo Amarante – Tardei

"Tardei, tardei, tardei
Só na volta eu vi
Qual senda me levou
Qual me trouxe aqui
Pra encontrar você
Onde está, meu lugar?"

Bryan Ferry & Todd Terje - Johnny & Mary

"Johnny's always running around
Trying to find certainty
He needs all the world to confirm
That he ain't lonely
Mary counts the walls
Knows he tires easily"

Rhye - The Fall

"Don't run away, don't slip away my dear
Don't run away
The song is gone
The fell into the fall
But I don't want it this way
Why can't you stay"